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Trinity offers several Pilates packages to fit the budget and needs of most of our clients and students.  If you are looking for something inparticular or not able to find a time that works for you on the schedule,  please contact us either by phone or email.  We would be happy to try to accommodate your special requests to the best of our abilities.


Unable to come to the studio or you have a Reformer at home that has turned into a clothes hanger?  Contact Stacey about Private Skype Session online in the privacy of your own home.  Available for both Mat and Reformer sessions.



Phone:  970-393-2000


Pilates is an excellent way to incorporate a full body workout in an environment that reduces stress on the joints and the back by using non-impact resistance.  This creates a safe environment for the beginner to the elite athlete and for all ages.  

Simultaneously strengthened and lengthened, your muscles become longer and leaner, acquiring optimal strength and flexibility. The result is a body that is upright, balanced, and agile, free of old tensions and ready to take on new endeavors. 

Click here to be redirected to the Pilates Bookings page to schedule your private or group session online.  

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