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Yoga Classes

Our yoga classes are designed for all levels and abilities.  Your instructor can help guide you to easier or more challenging poses during the class.  Please be sure to communicate any injuries or concerns with your instructor prior to the start of the class.

This morning class will have an emphasis on health and strength of body and mind by incorporating at least 5 minutes for personal meditation that will be a guided meditation. "It is important for us all to make sure our minds are just as strong and cared for as our bodies; implanting the realization that personal happiness comes from within ourselves, not others, and that all begins with a healthy mind." 

Prenatal Yoga

An easy flow stretching out the hips and the lower back for moms-to-be starting from your first trimester all the way to your due date.  Learn about ways to protect yourself during exercise as the baby grows and how to improve strength during labor and delivery.  Meet other moms-to-be in your community.  Prenatal is tought in a series of 5 weeks for $60 or you are welcome to drop in for $18 a class.

‘The Bowspring is an ideal template of the body’s dynamic postural alignment which anyone can learn for increased functional movement, agility, and springy power.

Bowspring method is a new postural system for optimizing everyday functionality through dynamic, open, and curvy posture’.

To learn more about the Bowspring method before joining Kate for a Bowspring class, pléase read through the information On the official Bowspring site.

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We offer several yoga classes to cover everything from an energizing morning wake-up class to a relaxing class.  Our instructors are very knowledgeable in providing modifications and variations to accommodate all levels during a class.  The class descriptions will also help you find the perfect class for what you are looking for in your practice.



Phone:  970-393-2000

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